Post Graduate Courses

GradDip/PgDip/MA Literature Studies & Creative Writing

MA Educational Improvement, Development & Change

MA Educational Leadership & Management

MA Leadership & Management

MSc Sport Psychology

PgCert/PgDip/MSc Professional Health Studies

PgDip/MA Contemporary Arts Practice

PgDip/MA Leading Innovation & Change

Banking and Finance (MA)

Banking and Law* (MA)

Business and Consumer Psychology* (MA)

Business and Finance (MA)

Business and Marketing* (MA)

Consumer Psychology and Business* (MA)

Finance (MA)

Islamic Banking and Finance* (MA)

Banking and Finance (MBA)

Banking and Law* (MBA)

Executive MBA (MBA)

Law and Management* (MBA)

Management (MBA)

Marketing* (MBA)

Accounting and Finance (MSc)

Banking and Finance (MSc)

Business and Consumer Psychology* (MSc)

Business and Finance (MSc)

Consumer Psychology and Business* (MSc)

Finance (MSc)

International Banking and Development Finance (MSc)

Islamic Banking and Finance* (MSc)

Foundations in Effective Leadership (Professional Development)

Ecology (MSc)

Molecular Plant Breeding and Biotechnology (MSc)

Analytical Chemistry (MSc/Diploma)

Environmental Chemistry (MSc/Diploma)

Modern Chemical Laboratory Practice (MSc/Diploma)

Computer Systems (MSc)

Computing and Internet Systems (MSc)

Education Studies (MA/MEd/Diploma/Certificate)

Primary Education (Postgraduate Certificate of Education - PGCE)

Secondary Education (Postgraduate Certificate of Education - PGCE)

Nanotechnology and Microfabrication (MSc)

English (MA/Diploma)

Advanced Clinical Practice (MSc/Pg Diploma/Pg Certificate)

Health and Social Care Leadership (MSc/Pg Diploma/Pg Certificate)

Health Science (MSc/Pg Diploma/Pg Certificate)

Public Health and Health Promotion (MSc/Pg Diploma/Pg Certificate)

Risk Management in Health and Social Care (MSc/Pg Diploma/Pg Certificate)

Computed Tomography (Pg Diploma)

Occupational Therapy (Pg Diploma)

Ethnomusicology (MA/Diploma)

Music History (MA/Diploma)

Performance (MA/Diploma)

Welsh Music and Celtic Music (MA/Diploma)

Composition and Electroacoustic Composition (MA/MMus)

Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice (MA/Diploma)

Social Research and Gerontology (MA/Diploma)

Social Research and Social Policy (MA/Diploma)

Social Research and Sociology (MA/Diploma)

Gerontology (MA/Diploma/Certificate)

Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology (MSc)

Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology (MSc)

Applied Sport Science (MSc)

Exercise Rehabilitation (MSc)

Sport and Exercise Psychology (MSc)

Commercial Law (LLM/Diploma)

Law (LLM/Diploma)

Law and Devolved Governments (LLM/Diploma)

Banking and Law* (MA)

Law and Management* (MBA)

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