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Established in 1995, Education Information Bureau (E I Bureau) is one of the leading overseas education consultants in India representing over 150 world premier Universities/ Colleges/Boarding Schools around the world. For the past many years, we have been sending thousands of students every year to various highly reputed Universities/ Colleges in UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland,. E I BUREAU has a strong presence all over India with a network of offices located in all the major cities of India a head office located at one of the most popular commercial centres in Hyderabad. We are also very popular internationally through our Dubai and Kuwait operations. This has enabled us to reach out to a much wider population of the student market and provide them our services in the fields of career counselling, visa assistance, travel assistance and admissions at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

E I BUREAU has been dedicated to the cause of providing personalised consultancy to students as well as parents, at all stages of studying abroad, from School to University level and have been sending over thousand students to overseas Universities/ Colleges every year.

E I BUREAU offers a unique range of services dedicated to advising parents and school at all stages of education abroad from pre-school to post-university. Each year we receive thousands of enquiries from students for overseas study. Most of our clients contact us after personal recommendations from friends and relatives who are familiar with our services; others are referred to us by other advisory services, international organizations or diplomatic representatives.

Every student has individual requirements, but in order to ensure a well-informed choice there are almost always special factors to consider, including a student's academic background, age, knowledge of English, when to come to the university or college, the length of the student's stay in the university/college and what, where and how he/she wishes to study. We assist students with all aspects of planning and arranging for their study overseas.

E I Bureau is a founder member of QISAN and works very closely with British Council.

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